Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Southern Chesapeake

Now that Grandpa and Grandma have gone home, the weather has turned cool. The trees have started to turn and all the cruisers are hurrying south. It is very pretty, but we are anxious to get going. We stopped at Solomon Island, and in the morning discovered that we had anchored right beside Lenny, a single-hander from Long Island, that we had met a week or so previous. After a trip to the museum, where they had a display of Rays and Skates, a screwpile lighthouse, and a pair of sea otters, Len joined us for dinner. The next day we went across the mouth of the Potomac river to Reedsville, where we spent a few days. We were finally able to pick up our new outboard, a Nissan 9.8hp four stroke, it makes the dinghy move along nicely. Monday(Oct 15) we powered south to Deltaville where we planned to spend a night or two, unfortunately wet met our old friend the mud in the middle of the channel into Jackson creek. After backing off the mud we retreated to the other side of the bay and anchored for the night. Tuesday we traveled down the bay to Norfolk VA. The US Navel yard is here and there are dozens of ships including at least 5 aircraft carriers. We have taken a marina downtown and will grocery shop and clean up tomorrow before entering the Inter coastal waterway. We hope to be in Beaufort NC to celebrate Halloween.

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