Monday, 26 December 2016

Big eye tuna!

I am in Mexico
It is dark, and I am wearing my down jacket!

Bahia Tortuga

This is Janine's Blog

Ensenada to Bahia Tortuga
We were able get through all the official business of clearing into the country in a few hours. It was a gentle reminder that we are now in a Latin American country and have to slow down accordingly. We were told Enrique would be available to take us to the port captain and immigration in 10 to 20 minutes. After 50 minutes we asked at the marina office for directions and walked to the Port captains office along the malecon. It was a nice walk with churro to be had along the way. Enrique met us part way through our checking in procedure and made it all easier. We walked through town to find a restaurant Enrique had suggested for lunch, It was full of locals with very good food. Unfortunately while we were in the restaurant it started to pour rain so our walk back to the boat had us all soaked through to the skin. By noon we had refilled all our fuel jugs and tank and were ready to continue our journey South.
We have a weather service that we have subscribed to that advises us. There had been a low pressure system that was supposed to have passed by the afternoon on the 22nd. It seems it had stalled so the first 12 hours of this passage the conditions consisted of South Westerly winds causing horrible confused seas and pouring rain. It was pretty miserable on the boat with 5 of the 7 crew taking turns to feed the fish.
By midnight the seas had calmed and in the morning the sun came out making the misery of the first 12 hours a memory. The fishing lines went out and in under 2 hours we had a 20lb Ahi Tuna landed and filleted. Yum!!!! Half the Tuna fed all 7 of us until we were stuffed. The skies had cleared and we ate our delicious tuna under a blanket of stars.
We knew there was another low pressure system expected which is why we had timed our travels to reach Bahia Tortuga before it's arrival. The low pressure system arrived earlier than expected so the last 6 hours of the passage once again had us in less than ideal conditions with steep waves on our nose and pouring rain. Of course there was also the added challenge of avoiding the fishing floats set by the local fishermen. We even saw 3 of these intrepid/crazy local pangas out in these challenging conditions. The local Pangas (fishing boats) are 15 ft open skiffs with 2 guys in walmart rain gear blasting through big waves. So really by comparison we were in absolute luxury.
We saw a humpback whale doing very energetic tail and fin slaps in the last 1/4 of the passage. Gary and Bradley both saw flying fish and during the previous nights we had been visited by dolphins leaving trails of phosphorescence.
We were able to navigate the narrow entrance of Bahia Tortuga and were welcomed by the calm waters in the bay. The rain stopped, we set the anchor in 30 ft of water just off the pier. It was Christmas Eve!
The guys took the fuel jugs into town. It was a short walk up the road to the gas station. On the way back a friendly local with a Suburban offered them a ride.
Christmas morning we awoke to sun shining in the cockpit where we had pancakes and opened presents.
Merry Christmas to all of you.
We will be heading out again in the afternoon of the 26th. Our next planned stop will be Bahia Santa Marta and Bahia Magdalena 200 nautical miles to the South.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

From Ensenada Onward!

It is 9:30am the morning of December 22nd, and we're sitting in Marina Cruiseport in Ensenada. As soon as we refill our jerry cans of diesel and pack up our boat we'll be on our way south! It is still pouring rain here in the "desert" of Ensenada, but forecasted to hopefully stop soon. Our next passage is going to be 48 hours down to Turtle Bay. The weather forecast is for some squalls this afternoon, giving way to strong following breeze tonight, evolving into winds on the beam over the next two days. If all aligns in our favour we should be in Turtle Bay on Christmas Eve, hopefully staying there for our Christmas dinner of turkey and mashed potatoes. Excitement for Christmas has been building aboard, with the boys and Nicole opening their first present last night: a new waterproof bluetooth speaker! That should make the night watches a little bit faster!
We're not sure if we'll have internet before we get into Cabo, so this may be the last post for a while. We'll try to remember to take some pictures this trip and hopefully post them here ASAP.
Hasta luego,
The crew of S/V High Five

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Casting off

Somebody pinch me! Hard to believe but the hour has finally arrived to cast off the dock lines and continue this Southward journey. The hour is actually 1:30 Am on Dec. 21. Bradley, the last of our crew has arrived. The boat is loaded with food, water, and fuel. All the boxes on the to-do list have been checked. We will motor away from the very comfortable berth here at the San Diego Yacht Club  and likely continue motoring all the way to Ensenada as there isn't any significant wind in the forecast for tonight.
Our original plan of just a day stop in Ensenada has been modified to an overnight stop due to some squally weather from the South in the forecast. 
So away we go to Mexico!

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Relocation Part 2

The time is fast approaching when High Five will continue her journey South. She has been hanging out at the San Diego yacht club since August.
We kind of left the blog abruptly back in August. After we confirmed High Five could remain at the San Diego Yacht Club we had only a few days to get her property put away before we had to fly back to Vancouver and carry on with work and school commitments.

We were extremely fortunate and were able to get a temporary slip at this fantastic facility. This is a sailing club that is aspiring to be the best sailing club in the world and in our opinion they are doing tremendously well. All the staff are extremely helpful and friendly. The facilities are first rate, including a pool, tennis courts, excellent free showers, laundry machines. A beautiful club house with reasonably priced, excellent meals, a great selection of beers on tap for Gary and possibly the best Rum and Coke Janine has ever had. Rennie agreed.

On October 14th, Janine and Rennie Dennehy, accompanied by  their faithful dogs Theodore and Milo, braved driving through Typhoon Songda to deliver High Five a new anchor chain. The drive was epic with pounding rain and wind all the way from Vancouver to South LA. The reward of the warm sun in San Diego as well as the great facilities at the San Diego Yacht club quickly eased the tension from the challenging driving conditions.
Rennie and Janine had a list of boat chores to get through including:
Changing out 200 ft ( 500lbs) of anchor chain
Collecting the mainsail from the loft (it needed some love after the abuse it endured on the trip down)
Getting the broken boom replaced ( not sure we actually wrote about that, hmmm???)
And a bunch of other boat chores.
All this work was balanced by an equal amount of fun including a crash course in kayaking for the dogs. One evening there was a lot of excitement on the dock, turns out Jimmy Buffett had announced a last minute concert at Humphrey's Resort just across the channel from the San Diego yacht club. Well how often does an opportunity come up where you can just paddle your kayak over to a Jimmy Buffett concert? As it turns out the dogs were naturals at riding in the kayaks.
 The bay was absolutely packed with people on kayaks, dingys and SUPs. It was a very friendly well behaved crowd. Although we couldn't help but notice we were the only people wearing life jackets.
We had so much fun that when we heard Willie Nelson was playing the next night we paddled over for that concert as well. It was a much smaller crowd for the Willie concert which meant we were able to get in very close.
All too soon our time in San Diego was over and it was time to brave the drive North. Happily it was much drier.

So now the next leg of High Five's journey is quickly approaching, The crew will assemble in San Diego over the next week as their work and exam schedules allow. In addition to the 5 regular crew we will also have Nicole joining us again and her mom Heather. We are hoping for a warmer trip as we move south.
The plan is to leave San Diego on December 21 as soon as Bradley arrives. Probably between 1 and 2 Am. We hope to be in Cabo for New Year's Eve. This should allow for a couple layover days in some of the picturesque bays along the way. Of course as with all cruising plans these are written in jello and will be adjusted as circumstance and weather dictates.

Thursday, 18 August 2016


We made it!!!

Well High Five is secured at the dock at the San Diego Yacht Club. This will be her new home until December. 
We will post more tomorrow. For now enjoy some pictures.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

San Francisco and farewells

Well we had a sporty  2 day passage from Newport Oregon to San Francisco.
The sun and moon were covered by the fog for all but the first couple hours. It was so cold we were all wearing all of the warm clothes we could manage and still move. It kept us focused on the goal of getting somewhere warm.
We had some exhilarating surfs down waves both hand steering and letting Auto (pilot) have some of the fun.
There was very little wild life to be seen this leg, except for the birds. There are some very small, tough birds on the west coast. Even 30 miles off shore the birds are out there skimming along the tops of the waves.
We pulled into Drake's Bay 30 miles outside of San Francisco at midnight Friday night in fog so thick  it was hard to see the bow from the stern. We were able to set the anchor quickly and well. This let us all grab 5 1/2 hours of quiet sleep before we were up again to make the correct tides into San Fran.
It was a peaceful 4 hour motor into the Bay. We were accompanied by fishing boats emerging from the fog and porpoises frolicking along side. It was also our first sighting of pelicans! The fog lifted just enough as we were approaching the Golden Gate Bridge for some great photo ops. We arrived at St Francis yacht club and were given a place front and centre at the guest dock. Even better were the glorious long hot showers!
Saturday afternoon we were able to give our legs a good stretch walking along the waterfront to Fisherman's wharf and back. We picked up a couple loaves of San Francisco Sourdough.
The day past by too quickly, before we knew it 4:30pm had arrived, and we had to send Richard and Nicole off in a taxi to the airport. They both have obligations in Vancouver they had to return to.
They have both been a great part of our crew and we will sure miss them on the next legs of our passage.

The plan now is to head out of San Francisco at 9am Sunday to make the slack current under the Bridge. We will point our bow south and keep going for the next couple days and see how far we get.
We're still looking to find some warm weather. Fingers crossed the next post will be written from somewhere warm.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Newport Oregon

Sea lions

Newport, Oregon

At 8pm today we cruised into the harbour at Newport, Oregon for a night of quiet sleep before our next leg of the journey. Tomorrow we are heading out, set on San Francisco. The weather forecast seems to have calmed down for the southern Oregon coast, meaning that instead of a scary passage we should be in for a fun sail.
Our first lengthy passage of the trip, from Neah Bay to Newport, went as smoothly as we could hope, with our new autopilot driving a true course before we decided it was too jerky this morning and replaced it with a smoother human driver. The weather was cold overnight, but turned into a gorgeous sunny day today, with most of us even venturing to take our sweaters off at some point. Unfortunately, we had to motor for the entire 32 hour passage, meaning that we were pretty happy to turn the monster off when we docked, taking in our hard-earned silence with bliss.
We will be offshore until Saturday, so this should be our last update until then. If all goes well we'll see you in San Francisco!

Monday, 8 August 2016

Big Left Turn

Today we are leaving Neah Bay at noon. We delayed our departure a bit due to a nasty bit of weather in Northern Califotnia. That may seem odd considering we are sitting in Northern Washington but really it makes sense in The sailing world.
We will be travelling for the next 48 hours at least. If the nasty weather in Northern California persists we may have to wait a bit in southern Oregon.
Our weather from Neah Bay to Newport looks pretty benign.
We will update the blog when we arrive somewhere.


Sunday, 7 August 2016

Neah bay

After a long, boring night of motoring through flat water, we arrived in Neah Bay at 6am this morning! We made a brief pause to wait for our 2pm weather window around Cape Flattery, but will be underway momentarily after stopping at the fuel dock to top up our diesel tank for the last time. If all goes according to plan, we should be in San Francisco on Friday or Saturday, with just enough time for Richy and Nicole to catch their flights home Saturday night. This is it!
This may be our last post for a while as we head offshore, but we will try to update everyone as soon as possible.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Departure day!!

Well it took a lot of effort from several people but Highfive got all of her new electronics connected and talking to each other properly before midnight last night! This meant we successfully met our 6am departure this Morning. We would really like to thank Andy and Jim for working so hard to make this possible.
Vancouver looked amazing with the sun rising over her this morning. Nicole and Janine took the 6am till noon shift and got us all safely to Roche Harbor by Noon-30. We had Orcas put in a guest appearance very close to the boat just after coming through Active pass! What great way to end Highfive's time in Canadian waters.
We were able to clear customs in Roche Harbor with a very nice Border patrol agent. They let us keep all of the food we brought! Thank goodness!! So after stocking up on some final provisions, hot showers and a nice dinner at the restaurant we wiil head out around 8pm. We should reach Neah Bay mid morning to top up the fuel tank and then take the BIG left turn around Cape Flattery Sunday afternoon.
It feels so surreal to actually be starting on this journey. We have been working towards it for what seems like a very long time. As we were unpacking our bags last night it was bringing back our memories of moving onto Highfive in 2007. It's amazing how we can all happily move back into this small amount of space together and easily fall back into the rhythm of sliding past each other and working as a team. We are so lucky to have this opportunity as a family.
Even with the lack of sleep the late night and early departure caused the day has been filled with plenty of humor and lots of big smiles.


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

High Five Sails Again!!

Well it sure has been a while since this blog has seen any action. After 6 summers of being in Vancouver High Five is itching to get back to warmer climates.
High Five has undergone some major upgrades to prepare for her next adventure.
Included in the list are:
Autopilot (a first for her)
Chart plotter
AIS radio
Refurbished canvas with solar panels
High Five is feeling good with all these improvements and slick new bottom paint lets her glide through the water like a dream.
So the plan as it stands is to leave Vancouver the weekend of August 6 and head to San Francisco in the most direct route possible
All of the High Five regulars will be part of the crew as well as the addition of Nicole Johnson.
The last 6 weeks have been pretty demanding getting all the boat improvements, provisioning and safety equiptment organized. As well as fulfilling all the usual demands of regular work schedules.
It's hard to believe we're so close to our expected departure. We've had several offers of additional crew which we truly appreciate.
The weather will determine when we go and how long it will take us. Hopefully we will make it to San Francisco in 7 days. We will lose Richard and Nicole in San Francisco as they must return to commitments in Vancouver. The rest of the crew will sail High Five on to San Diego. Or somewhere in Southern California where she will remain until December. As usual when it comes to sailing trips, the plans are written in Jello.
We look forward to sharing our adventures with all of you. Please don't be concerned if our posts are delayed. It will most likely be due to a lack of ability to get connected.