Saturday, 13 August 2016

San Francisco and farewells

Well we had a sporty  2 day passage from Newport Oregon to San Francisco.
The sun and moon were covered by the fog for all but the first couple hours. It was so cold we were all wearing all of the warm clothes we could manage and still move. It kept us focused on the goal of getting somewhere warm.
We had some exhilarating surfs down waves both hand steering and letting Auto (pilot) have some of the fun.
There was very little wild life to be seen this leg, except for the birds. There are some very small, tough birds on the west coast. Even 30 miles off shore the birds are out there skimming along the tops of the waves.
We pulled into Drake's Bay 30 miles outside of San Francisco at midnight Friday night in fog so thick  it was hard to see the bow from the stern. We were able to set the anchor quickly and well. This let us all grab 5 1/2 hours of quiet sleep before we were up again to make the correct tides into San Fran.
It was a peaceful 4 hour motor into the Bay. We were accompanied by fishing boats emerging from the fog and porpoises frolicking along side. It was also our first sighting of pelicans! The fog lifted just enough as we were approaching the Golden Gate Bridge for some great photo ops. We arrived at St Francis yacht club and were given a place front and centre at the guest dock. Even better were the glorious long hot showers!
Saturday afternoon we were able to give our legs a good stretch walking along the waterfront to Fisherman's wharf and back. We picked up a couple loaves of San Francisco Sourdough.
The day past by too quickly, before we knew it 4:30pm had arrived, and we had to send Richard and Nicole off in a taxi to the airport. They both have obligations in Vancouver they had to return to.
They have both been a great part of our crew and we will sure miss them on the next legs of our passage.

The plan now is to head out of San Francisco at 9am Sunday to make the slack current under the Bridge. We will point our bow south and keep going for the next couple days and see how far we get.
We're still looking to find some warm weather. Fingers crossed the next post will be written from somewhere warm.

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