Sunday, 11 December 2016

Relocation Part 2

The time is fast approaching when High Five will continue her journey South. She has been hanging out at the San Diego yacht club since August.
We kind of left the blog abruptly back in August. After we confirmed High Five could remain at the San Diego Yacht Club we had only a few days to get her property put away before we had to fly back to Vancouver and carry on with work and school commitments.

We were extremely fortunate and were able to get a temporary slip at this fantastic facility. This is a sailing club that is aspiring to be the best sailing club in the world and in our opinion they are doing tremendously well. All the staff are extremely helpful and friendly. The facilities are first rate, including a pool, tennis courts, excellent free showers, laundry machines. A beautiful club house with reasonably priced, excellent meals, a great selection of beers on tap for Gary and possibly the best Rum and Coke Janine has ever had. Rennie agreed.

On October 14th, Janine and Rennie Dennehy, accompanied by  their faithful dogs Theodore and Milo, braved driving through Typhoon Songda to deliver High Five a new anchor chain. The drive was epic with pounding rain and wind all the way from Vancouver to South LA. The reward of the warm sun in San Diego as well as the great facilities at the San Diego Yacht club quickly eased the tension from the challenging driving conditions.
Rennie and Janine had a list of boat chores to get through including:
Changing out 200 ft ( 500lbs) of anchor chain
Collecting the mainsail from the loft (it needed some love after the abuse it endured on the trip down)
Getting the broken boom replaced ( not sure we actually wrote about that, hmmm???)
And a bunch of other boat chores.
All this work was balanced by an equal amount of fun including a crash course in kayaking for the dogs. One evening there was a lot of excitement on the dock, turns out Jimmy Buffett had announced a last minute concert at Humphrey's Resort just across the channel from the San Diego yacht club. Well how often does an opportunity come up where you can just paddle your kayak over to a Jimmy Buffett concert? As it turns out the dogs were naturals at riding in the kayaks.
 The bay was absolutely packed with people on kayaks, dingys and SUPs. It was a very friendly well behaved crowd. Although we couldn't help but notice we were the only people wearing life jackets.
We had so much fun that when we heard Willie Nelson was playing the next night we paddled over for that concert as well. It was a much smaller crowd for the Willie concert which meant we were able to get in very close.
All too soon our time in San Diego was over and it was time to brave the drive North. Happily it was much drier.

So now the next leg of High Five's journey is quickly approaching, The crew will assemble in San Diego over the next week as their work and exam schedules allow. In addition to the 5 regular crew we will also have Nicole joining us again and her mom Heather. We are hoping for a warmer trip as we move south.
The plan is to leave San Diego on December 21 as soon as Bradley arrives. Probably between 1 and 2 Am. We hope to be in Cabo for New Year's Eve. This should allow for a couple layover days in some of the picturesque bays along the way. Of course as with all cruising plans these are written in jello and will be adjusted as circumstance and weather dictates.

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