Monday, 8 October 2007

Dodging Crabpots in the Chesapeake

From Chesapeake City we caught the tide and with the help of a 10 - 20 knot tail wind we blasted into Chesapeake Bay. The bay is quite shallow and littered with crab pots, so we had to keep to the main channel most of the way, and keep a sharp look out. After a great sail we had a brief stop in Rock Hall Harbour, then after talking to Len on Dreamer, who we had met in Chesapeake City, we motored around the corner into Swan Creek and anchored in 7 ft of water. With an 18-inch tide, we had 6” to spare. We are still not really used to the shallow water but are getting better. There were at least a dozen boats, in the creek with us, and the bottom was soft mud so even if you do touch bottom there is no damage. Rock Hall was having their fall fair; we went into town and were treated to musicians, crafts and food. There is a trolley service in Rock Hall that allows dogs onboard. Tia was very content to ride the air-conditioned trolley around town. The dog treats the driver handed out were an added bonus! The next day Bill, from New York on Second Wind arrived and shortly after Don, Heesook, and Christopher arrived on Patience. Tom on Mover, who we had met in Waterford on the Erie Canal, was already in the anchorage. The fall migration of cruisers has begun, and every anchorage we are meeting more people. George, who we met in Chesapeake City and again in Rock Hall, has been on his boat 11years. He has spent winters in Iceland, 2 years in the Baltic Sea, bought and sold a house in Portugal. He brought his slide show to our boat to show us some of his adventures; we were all most impressed, especially Tavish who decided we should never go home because there is so much in the world to see. On Tuesday Oct 2 we traveled from Swan Creek across the Chesapeake to Baltimore. The school day started with the kids learning to plot our course and calculate our estimated travel time. They successfully had us arriving in Baltimore in time for dinner. We were even ahead of schedule thanks to a favorable current. Janine had the unfortunate task of cleaning the fridge enroute; this task is more difficult for the vertically challenged. The fridge is deeper than her arms will reach so mopping out the bottom involves hanging head first into the fridge balancing on her abdomen. This is not a job to be undertaken if there is any sort of swell, as the abdominal pressure combined with the smells in the fridge are nauseating enough. We arrived in the Baltimore inner harbor at 4pm. It is a vibrant busy waterfront which reminds us all of False Creek. We are secured at the city docks, which will be our home for the next week while we visit with Gary’s parents, Keith and Ladora.

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