Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Baltimore’s inner harbour has a few marinas and a sort of Yaletown, Granville Island feel to it, brick sea wall, restaurants etc. We are docked right in the middle of it all. It has been a busy week, Keith and Ladora, Gary’s parents, have been here and the grandchildren have been spoiled. Sleepovers in the hotel, swimming in the pool, and eating whatever they want. Gary and Janine were able to get to the Annapolis sailboat show, and the Latitudes and Attitudes cruisers party. We bought a used hard bottom dinghy, and plan to buy an outboard in Reedsville, from a dealer we met at the show. This should be a lot of fun. Hopefully it will save us money in the long run. It will allow us to anchor out and not have to pay dockage fees as often. We have been on 2 “field trips” to Washington DC. The air and space display has the Wright bros plane, the Spirit of St Louis, Gossamer Condor, and many others. It also had John Glenn’s space capsule, the command module and an unused lunar module from the Apollo spacecraft. We had to go back a second day to digest it all. It was sad to leave Baltimore, and Grandpa and Grandma, not only did they spoil the grandchildren but Gary, Janine and the dog as well.

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