Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Neuse River and the Cruiser's Rally (Click here)

Southbound Cruisers Rally Several people had told us about a “Southbound Cruisers Rally” in New Bern NC, about 20 miles to the West of Oriental. After deciding to stay for Halloween, this became an ideal side trip. http://www.ncgam.com/ While there we met a bunch of people who are going south, some who wish they were going south, and many who had made the trip before. The information was great, we learned a lot. The presenters included Cartographers, Meteorologists, Oceanographers, Doctors, Veterinarians, and people who had made the trip many times. It was a very busy couple of days, and a very worthwhile experience. Sunday we had a boisterous sail back to Oriental and are now anchored securely in the harbour. We are around the corner to the left of this webcam http://www.towndock.net/harborcam.shtml (Click on next title) It has cooled off considerably, but I know there is no sympathy to be had! Sunday morning when Janine opened the fridge she was greeted with warm scented air. It seems that our engine driven fridge has taken a holiday. Gary recharged the refrigerant and checked for leaks, but it is still not working properly. We are seeing a mechanic this week. Tropical depression Noel is off the north coast of Cuba this morning (Tues) and is expected to travel northward, well offshore over the next few days. It poses no threat, but everyone is watching it carefully. http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/#NOEL We are eager to continue south, and are spending our time readying the boat and crew. The boys continue to do well at boat school, even though motivation is often difficult. Tia is still defying the odds and is as perky as ever. Hope everyone is well High Five V

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