Thursday, 2 August 2007

Metro Beach

After Exiting Lake Huron, and transiting through Port Huron and St Claire river into Lake St Claire we followed Viking Heart into Metro beach. This was their turn. Lake St Claire, is 10 -15 deep except for the freighter channel dredged down the middle, and a small shoal mid channel on the way into Metro Beach. Metro beach is a community of canals and very fast boats. Every house has a canal on one side and road on the other, and everybody seems to have a speed boat tied up behind their house. We spent a couple of hours in the pool running off some steam. I was able to overcome some boat gremlins and got the propane stove working Viking Heart, was on their way home, and Saturday night found us down the dock from them at their home marina, Kean’s, in Detroit. We were a few minites behind and as we entered the marina our news friends and a few locals were there to greet us as we pulled into the slip and stopped, aground again, half way into the slip. A fitting end to a shallow week. Sunday found us doing laundry, cleaning up, and playing in the pool.


  1. Hi Crew!

    Just got a birthday call from the Captain from Cleveland and am very gald ot hear that all is going well. I am keeping Makena posted on your travels and she is quite interested in the whole concept.

    Boys - is dad keeping you busy running back and forth to the fridge for a "pop" or two? Are you having fun? What's the best part?

    Talk to you soon!

  2. Uncle Monkey by the way!