Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Cleveland Ohio

Wednesday saw us heading to Cleveland to get some maintanance work done on the sails. Olde River Yacht Club is a privately run marina between the sand and gravel yard and the train tracks. A bit noisy but the moorage is free and they had a pool which is a real bonus for us Canadians who are not yet used to the high heat and humidity. I got the sails fixed up and the kids and Janine went to see the new Harry Potter movie. Thursday afternoon a huge Thunderstorm came through. Within a few minites it went from calm to heavy rain and 30 – 35 knots of wind. Fortunately it only lasted 45 minites or so and then it was calm again. These storms are to be avoided, it would have been pretty ugly to have been caught out on the lake. Friday we left late, headed for Ashtabula Ohio. About a mile upstream from the coal dock is one of the friendliest club I have ever been to. When we arrived no less than 10 peolple were there to greet us. It seems were were an hour late for the potluck dinner. Within 15 minutes of our arrival we were driven up to the grocery store for supplies. The next night there were 20 or 30 people around the bbq at “Raoul’s” their outdoor kitchen/bbq. A couple of kids joined up with our mob and they terrorized the playground. Several people offered us their cars or offered us rides. Janine borrwed Chuck's car and went to K-Mart for provisions. Monday’s forecast does not include Thunderstorms so we will head for Erie Penn. then.

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