Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Lake Erie and Put in Bay

Lake Erie The Detroit river separates Detroit from Windsor Ont. A few hour later we are on Lake Erie our third Great Lake. The west end of the lake is shallow, no we didn’t hit, with a shipping channel carved out into it. In the middle of the Lake we are showing 33ft on the sounder, as we power straight upwind into a 5 knot southerly on our way to Put-In-Bay. Put-In-Bay Puddin bay, South Bass Island looks like a party town, Boardwalk Marine operates a field of mooring balls and a water taxi. For 27 bucks you can stay the night and they will pick you up and drop you off whenever you want. The town has a big waterfront park and a bunch of restaurants and bars. We did not see it but on a weekend night I imagine that it could get pretty wild. The first day we found a patio that was dog friendly. We had a beer and listened to “West Side Mike” play Jimmy Buffet tunes. The Second day we rented a 6 seat golf cart, drove around the island, went to the beach and had a swim, then lunch and back to the boat for more swimming.

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