Friday, 9 May 2008

St Somewhere

We left St Martin and headed out for St Bart's anchoring in a small bay on the north side. A boat near us took their dinghy into Gustavia to check in with customs and were told not to bother until they brought their boat to Gustavia. There was a path from the anchorage that led along high cliffs, the scenery was incredible looking down to the surf pounding the cliffs below, to a town called Colombier It was a small resort town that had a stunning beach with large surf. People were boogie boarding and skim boarding. We found a small general store where we sampled some french popsicles..yum! After the hot walk back to the boat we were glad to take a refreshing bath in the ocean. After 2 days in the bay we again headed off. This time to St Kitts. Here we joined up with Migo and Salt and Light and hired a van to tour the island. Our 3rd tour with the 3 families together. Brimstone hill fortress is a British built fort that sits atop a large bluff overlooking the ocean, and surrounding area, it is an impressive sight with the valcanoe towering behind it. We were all amazed that the whole fort was completely constructed by hand(slave labour of course) We also toured Romely manor, home of a world famous Batik artist. The highlight for the kids was seeing small monkeys in the trees, eating mangos. The main street in front of the marina in Basse terre came to life on Friday night and was full of music and bbq food, and cold beer. It was a lot of fun, we all enjoyed dancing together with the locals. Moving down island we found a great snorkel spot and a salt pond to explore. We hiked up to some old ruins but had to be very careful of the giant thorns that would poke right through the bottom of our shoes...OUCH! Unfortunately Johnathon on MIGO suffered 2 flat tires on his wheelchair. Nevis was the next stop, a quaint town that was celebrating "labour day" every thing was closed. dogs slept in the street. The four season's hotel put out a series of free mooring balls in front of their hotel, we took the mooring but went down the beach to a local spot for a snack and a beer. We had to stay a little longer as a short but very wet rain storm blew through. the next morning we headed in to customs to clear out, before we headed off to Monserrat to see the active volcano.

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