Monday, 19 May 2008


As the latest guests of the Minielly’s on their sailing adventure, we have the pleasure of posting an update of their cruise and our week’s trip. We went aboard High Five on Saturday, May 10th in Bay Mahaut on the north end of Guadeloupe. The next day we sailed south to Baie Deshais in search of a good anchorage, a good swim and provisions for the next few days only to find as we would for the rest of the week that most shops are closed for most of the afternoons although there was always a place to find a cold beer much to Gary’s delight. On our way we caught our second fish, a black fin tuna (our first was a barracuda which we let go) which was soon to become dinner but only after Gary got it drunk on cheap vodka! The next day we headed to Basse-Terre and stopped on the way to the Reserve Jacques Cousteau on Pigeon Island for some great snorkeling. The area had a great variety of beautiful colourful fish, coral and we even got to chase a turtle around. Back on the boat, Richard was able to identify and name all of the fish we saw. We continued south the next day to Les Saintes. The crossing, as would be all of them, was very pleasant notwithstanding that the wind was on the nose most of the time. It was sunny every day and temperatures averaged 30 degrees. The sea entertained us with flying fish and a big sea turtle. We spent a few days in Les Saintes, swimming and snorkeling and visiting the local villages. We took a stroll to the windward side of the island which was spectacular but unfortunately the currents were too strong for swimming. The Guadeloupeans are French and all very friendly. We very much enjoyed practicing our French at the villages and bars. On our last night in Les Saintes, we went for a stroll in the village and enjoyed a cold drink at the “in” bar with the locals and other tourists. We continued on to Marie Galante for more great swimming and snorkeling and on our crossing caught our second fish, another black fin tuna which we feasted on that night in a great asian-fusion dish thanks to Richard’s soon to be famous marinade (most ingredients of which you could find in the rum drinks he prepared for Doug). We rose early the next day to get fresh croissants, baguettes and a few other provisions and returned to town later on for some soccer on the beach and another cold drink at the beach bar. We finished our last few days returning back to the main island at Pointe-a-Pitre where we said our goodbyes and returned home. We had a fabulous week. Gary & Janine were very gracious hosts and the boys were absolutely a joy and delight to be with. They were a lot of fun and entertaining. All are well, happy and truly are thriving from this adventure. We wish you all a continued safe journey on your way to Grenada and now that your fishing luck has changed, we look forward to seeing pictures of the Mahi Mahi you are soon to be catching. Thanks for a wonderful time. Doug & Suzanne

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