Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Florida at last

At first light Solange and us left Cumberland Island and returned to the ocean for a day sail to St Augustine Florida. This was to be our first port in Florida, our 20th and last US state. Arriving in early afternoon, we anchored and went ashore to explore. St Augustine claims to be the oldest European settlement in the United States, settled by the Spanish in 1565. Although a bit touristy for my liking, with horse drawn carriages, and tourist trains, the central square and architecture of the town are undeniably beautiful. We arrived the day after the Christmas lights were lit in the main square. (It’s hard to think about Xmas when you are looking at palm trees) The highlight of the boy’s visit was the Alligator farm. This park contains all 23 species of Crocodilian species. The highlight was the main pool which held 40 American Alligators ranging from 8 – 15 feet long. The trainer walked around inside the pen, and threw food at several of the animals. Suprisingly, most of them were quite well behaved. He was able to call them by name, and they responded. “Hey Skipper turn around” and the 1000 lb lizard did!! and was rewarded with a large dead rodent. The park also contained Scarlet Macaws, some small monkeys, Storks as big as Janine, vultures, and a 10’ANACONDA. On the day we were going to leave, we got a call from Salt and Light, and San-I-Ti. They had got up early in St.Marys, and were on their way to St. Augustine. Our departure was delayed for one more day so we could have a Pizza party with all 9 kids. Early the next morning we were off down the ditch to Daytona Beach, and Titusville

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