Friday, 23 November 2007

Charleston to Beaufort SC

Beaufort South Carolina, (bew – frt) , not to be confused with Beaufort (bow – fort) North Carolina, was 2 easy days travel down to ICW south of Charleston, The first day we left early for the 9am bridge, unfortunately Solange, a boat with a nice family from Alberta could not lift their anchor to join us. It seems, after $500 bucks to a local diver, that their anchor chain had wrapped around a 3 by 20 ft concrete block. When they tried to raise it, it did not budge. While they stayed to retrieve their anchor Salt and Light ( a family from Seattle) and High Five (us) continued down the canal. In the early afternoon we stopped as the tide was very low and the next section was somewhat shallow. In the morning we discovered that Solange had caught up all but 20 miles. They had got an early start and by the time they were a mile away we were ready to go……… Well unfortunately S&L’s starter motor chose this particular time to refuse to function. After an hour of mucking about we got her going and were able to continue to Beaufort. The confusion continued…..As we needed a new alternator, and a spare starter was on the list of things we should have I placed an order with the Yanmar dealer in Beaufort, for both boats. If we paid $40 then the parts would be here in the morning. A couple of phone calls in the morning, and my mistake was realized. The parts were shipped and ended up in Beaufort (bow – fort) NC not to be confused with Beaufort, (bew – frt) SC. Another couple of bucks and the Parts were overnighted from Beaufort to Beaufort and after a quick installation we were on our way.

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