Friday, 28 September 2007

Chesapeake City and the C & D Canal

After a great night at Riverside Yacht Club Doug left us for the airport, and we turned south for Delaware City, to pick up our parts and into the canal. The C&D Canal joins the top of Delaware bay with Chesapeake Bay. It has a fair amount of commercial traffic. Big car carriers move through the canal, quite slowly with little room to spare. We had 2 1/2 knots of current with us down the Delaware, but after picking up the alternator and turning into the canal the current turned against us. It was a beautiful clear night with a full moon, so it was a pleasant, but slow, motor down the canal, with the BBQ blazing to Chesapeake City. Chesapeake City is another small town with 27 antique/craft/gift stores and nowhere to buy a jug of milk or a block of cheese. Fortunatly we met some people, on a boat from NY, whose daughter lived nearby who gave Janine and the kids a ride, over the bridge to the grocery store. We stayed here a few days and are now going to head into Chesapeake Bay. Wednesday, Gary's parents are flying into Baltimore for a visit. The kids are very excited to see their grandparents, They were in Europe this summer and we haven't seen them since June. We have plans to go to the Anappolis boat show as well as Washington DC. Cheers G

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