Friday, 28 September 2007

Cape May and Delaware Bay

After a foggy start we had an afternoon of great sailing into Cape May. Close reaching in 7 - 10 knots of wind, very nice. Cape May provided us with a nice marina and the Lobster House: close to 400 seat seafood restaurant. Anothe great meal. Overnight the wind switched to the north and built to 15 - 20 knots in the morning making for our most exciting sailing yet. Cape May is very shallow and littered with shoals so we sailed out into the ocean for an hour and a half and then gybed for the entrance to the shipping channels. Once again we are so happy with the way the boat handles, always predictable and easy to steer. Once we turned into the channel inside Delaware Bay the wind slowly went further and further forward so soon we were motoring into the wind. The Flood current into the bay never really materialized until quite late in the day, so it was fairly slow going. The alternator chose today to pack it in. We made Delaware City in the dark after almost going the wrong way. It was great to have Doug along, the extra set of experienced hands on board really made things a whole lot easier. Monday, after ordering a new alternator, we continued up the Delaware River to Philadelphia and the Riverside Yacht Club.

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