Friday, 13 July 2007

Moving on

This morning we are going to start heading north. We've been at this a week and have only made 21 miles, so i guess we should pick up the pace. Everyone here says the Michigan (west) side of the lake is very pretty, with sandy beaches and protected lagoons. We plan to cross over next week when we are north of Sheboygan MYC has been a fantastic place for us, with a poolside BBQ and beer tap, sunny weather in the 80's and very friendly people it has been great place to settle into the boat. Milwaukee is a very pretty city, lots of parks, and very clean. With Grannies untiring help we have finaly found homes for almost all of our stuff, and many of the boats systems are working well. Unfortunatly for us Papa needs Granny too and she flew home yesterday to rescue him from all the laundry and a diet of Swanson dinners. She promised to return soon. A quick K at West Marine found us 2 new heads and BBQ of unusual size, our boys seem to be growing into their appetites. Tia has adapted well and seems a little younger every day, I hope that when I am that old I can ignore my age as well she can. Hope all is well back in Vancouver We miss everyone


  1. Craig Minielly13 July 2007 at 10:35

    Good to hear what's happening! What's your intended route?

    Happy Sails! - Craig

  2. Suzanne & Doug Le Patourel13 July 2007 at 19:55

    Hey there. Boat looks good. Sounds like you're having fun. Who could imagine that Milwaukee would have good cruising. Fun to check your blog. We're cruising in Jamada for 3 weeks starting next Friday.


    Doug & Suzanne

  3. Hiiiiiiie! Sorry we missed you CALL last night. Sounds like you were having fun, wish we were there, yep.
    {disclaimer: Lance is typing for Sue & Robin}

    Missin' you.

    PS the new colour on your house looks GREAT! Did you purposely pick lime green, or did they?

  4. Hey Everyone! Sounds like your having alot of fun!Were missing you alot and cant wait to hear from you again!



  5. hey your sight is really great dont forget to add updates as much as you can god luck on your trip


  6. Hi Guys,

    sounds like fun. If you get a chance check out the clip of the girls on BT
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    miss ya,