Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Driving across the country

We left Vancouver on Sat am after all of the last min packing and cleaning, and a great breakfast from our neighbour Bob, Amanda, Lucy and Asha. After 2 ½ hours in the line up for the border we were invited into the special room for a further 45min of explanation: No we did not plan to work, Yes we had the resources to support ourselves, No we were not going to work in the US, Yes we would leave the USA before 6 months, No we were not planning on working, Yes we could support ourselves No we would not stay more than 6 months, accompanied by a few “So what is it exactly you plan to do”. Anyway you get the idea. After jamming all of our stuff into the Rental Ford Excursion and a delightful dinner with Auntie Rita and Uncle Syd we started east. Monday we toured Yellowstone. It was far more exciting than any of us imagined. As well as Old Faithful and all of the geysers and springs we saw moose, elk, deer, bison, (lots of bison), and we think we saw a bear off in the distance. Dunraven Pass took us to almost 9000 ft above sea level. It’s a shame we did not plan more time, there was so much more to see. From Yellowstone we have been driving across South Dakota, into Minnesota, I only hope that the ocean is this flat. Tomorrow, Thursday, we will finally get to the boat, Hopefully we can launch the boat as soon as we install the new Prop that we have brought with us, and pick up Granny from the bus station. After all of the preparations, planning, packing, and driving we really look forward to finally getting on the boat.

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