Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Aruba to the Rocks

Aruba to Columbia This was a “touch and go” encounter. We arrived in the afternoon, had some beers and burgers at the beach bar/resort, the kids had a swim in the pool, and at o’ dark thirty we headed of to Los Monjes, a small group of Venezuelan islands, also known as “the rocks” and rocks they are, lonely desolate rocks, in the middle of the ocean. The Venezuelan military have built a breakwater between two of them and created a small harbor. The boats are tied to a rope tied across the bay and the Coast Guard ask you to bring them out to your boat, for the entry/inspection, since, although they are a coast guard station, they do not actually have a boat of their own. The men were very polite, and accepted a cold beer and a pack of cigarettes , while the asked us some questions about the boats equipment. We then took a short walk on the island, and at 3am, dropped our lines and headed out for a boisterous sail to Cabo de la Vela, a well protected bay on the north coast of Columbia.

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