Friday, 1 January 2010


For the last few days, after a quick stop in the marina for some cleaning, provisioning and laundry, we have been moored off Kralendijk, Bonaire. The whole island is surrounded by the “Bonaire National Marine Park” From the shoreline to 200 ft deep, the park encircles the island. No Anchoring is allowed, the park supplies mooring balls for $10 US/day. Only 200 ft from shore, the mooring is in about 20’ of water, under our stern the color changes to a dark blue as the sea floor drops off creating a “wall” or reef of 100’ or more, most of the island is like this, creating incredible diving opportunities. All the popular dive spots are marked with a yellow spar buoys. “Something special” is 100 yds to our north. Jumping in off the back of the boat, we have seen eels, spotted eagle rays, hawksbill turtles, and a hundred species of reef fish. This link should connect to the dive shop webcam, 200 yds to our south. By clicking on the title, with any luck,you should link with the underwater camera, 100yds north of us. Gary and Bradley Scuba dove off the boat, Wednesday, and Thursday the whole family and our friends from Solange V went to Klein Bonaire, and dove “The Forest” and “Gerry’s Sponges” Because it is a park the fish are larger and more plentiful than other places we have seen are not timid. Our underwater camera……well is more of a paperweight now so when we can we will try to post some of Kevin’s pics.

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  1. Hi there guys! Happy New Year! Say Hi to Solange V as well for us.