Friday, 27 November 2009

preparing to move on

We have spent the last couple weeks continuing to get the boat ready to do what it is supposed to do, sail across bodies of water. The weather has provided us with a good window so we will be leaving Grenada Saturday night and sailing to Los Testigos, Venezuela. It will be about a 10 hour passage. We need to leave here after midnight in order to arrive in good daylight. We will be traveling with a boat called Solange, a family with 2 boys ages 11 and 12. They are from Courtenay BC. We are currently anchored in Prickly Bay. It is a busy anchorage, where we have been able to meet up with lots of other cruising boats. The last few days have been very busy, besides fixing things on the boat, we have tried to stock the boat with enough food to last for the next month as the out islands of Venezuela do not have any amenities. If Bradley and Tavish want to eat more than we have they will have to catch fish! We can only physically put so much food on this boat! We have been able to make time for some fun. There was a dinner for American Thanksgiving on the 26th where everyone brought a side dish. There were 60 cruisers gathered so a good time was had by all. Thanksgiving is fun with rum punch! Gary and Janine also went out with Kevin and Melissa, from the boat Solange, for a cheap but delicious curry dinner. The restaurant was the families house and as we ate our dinner off styrofom plates they watched indian soap operas on the TV over our heads. DE BIG FISH is the restaurant close to where we are anchored they had a live R&B band playing the other afternoon. The lead guitarist/singer is a chiropractor from Vancouver who has relocated to Grenada. The band was great! They played a lot of Muddy Waters, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. People were grooving and dancing. There has also been a lot of jumping off the boat and swimming, especially by the kids.

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