Sunday, 27 September 2009

Getting Out of the Freakin' Cold

We are leaving on November the 7th. All of us are so excited to go back to the warmth. Has anyone noticed that it is getting cold again? I most certainly have. Walking to school in the morning is freezing, and i can't just run for 3 minutes to the elementary school. It takes 20 minutes to walk to school and I can't run it because it is all up hill, (and I don't really want to run that far). Anyways, life is pretty good, high school is fun,(I know at least half the people in my grade and they all think that Bradley is me!) Richard is enjoying his school as well but will be incredibly happy when we leave. Richard has started a climatization process, he is wearing warm clothes so that when we get to the tropics he will not be to hot. The cool part of it is that it's working, the other day he wore pants and a sweater in 24 degree heat and was not overheating. Talk Later -Tavish

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  1. hah yeah.. I'll bet hey think you two are each other! It took me a while to tell you guys apart!!! Hope you enjoy the warmth down there!! I miss it soo much.. have fun! make some sand castle or something for me! I'll be thinking about you when i'm having fun freezing up here .. in the snow... ! :P tell us where you're going next!! maybe we'll see you there!!!
    Steph :) semper v :D