Saturday, 27 June 2009

Summer Time

It is finally summer time in vancouver! School is out and we left with a huge water fight and an awesome dance. Bradley and I are going to Kits High in September and are very excited about that, and Richard is going back to False Creek for Grade 6.
We don't have a whole lot planned for summer, Bradley and I are going to do some diving and are hoping to join the sailing team at RVYC, we are also going to take Bronze 4, (You learn to use a Spinnaker). Richard doesn't have anything that I know of planned but he might do Bronze 4 with Bradley and I.
Later this month we might go up to shuswap lake to our cabin with our cousins but we are not used to planning quite that far ahead.
Anyways, that is all I know so far. 


  1. finally, I found you my love monkeys.Your orange armpit hair makes me high.............from hannah little

  2. Sorry, That was dare please dont take it seriously

  3. By the way it was Natalie & Enola, We're sorry :(