Sunday, 15 March 2009

We added some links

We have added some links to blogs belonging to people we have met along the way. Maybe it will give you adventures to read about until we can resume our travels. We know it helps us on cold, wet days to read about our friends in warm places. 
Gary has commenced work on a new movie and Janine continues to work at Children's Hospital. We are living close enough to the hospital that she is able to walk to work and get some exercise in the process. The kids are enjoying their new school and have met some nice friends. The community center across the park has open gym with youth workers after school so the boys are working on their floor hockey and billiards skills. Bradley and Tavish have recommenced springboard diving and Janine has to hold her breathe with each dive! It is Springbreak in Vancouver this week so the boys and Janine will try to have some local adventures.

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  1. Thanks for the link (probably better to change it to as that shouldn't ever change). When do we get to see the boys star in their last movie!!