Thursday, 10 July 2008

Justice on the frontier (click here for Gouyave website)

Tuesday we all travelled back to the scene of the crime to get case numbers, and talk to the Sgt etc. Expecting North American efficency we were slow to realise that the 4 guys in the jail cell were our robbers. After an hour or so of "processing" for them and lunch for us, Denny and I were in an office with the police, the 4 guys and most (but not yet all) of our stuff. The court date is next Monday and the police were apologetic that it would be so long. While we were there one of the young men's memory improved and two officers stepped out and returned with a satt phone and a pair of binoculars. It turns out that Gouyave is not such a bad place after all. We will report after our court date.

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