Friday, 13 June 2008

Reality Sucks

REALITY SUCKS Well it is official our vagrant sailing lifestyle is going to be put on hold for a while. Gary has accepted a movie job, and will be back at work in Vancouver the beginning of August. Our plan is to return to the boat after Christmas and continue sailing the first half of 2009. We would love to stay out, but at this time, the realities of the world will not allow us. We plan to put the boat up at Grenada Marine around the last week of July and fly home to Vancouver, buy some shoes and go back to work. This last year has been the adventure of a lifetime, our boys have grown, learned, and flourished in this environment. We as parents have had the opportunity to really get to know our kids, without all the pressures of urban life upon us. It truly has changed us all. We do look forward to seeing all our friends and family back in Vancouver. We also look forward to coming back to High Five and continuing this amazing adventure.

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  1. I know it sucks to come home but you get to go again. That is the best part! Miss you. We hope to see you in Vancouver in August or September.