Monday, 28 January 2008


When we arrived at Georgetown the second time there were 25 other boats that arrived on the same day, bringing the total close to 150 boats!!!! This time we anchored a little further away from the action, around the corner at Sand Dollar Beach. We soon however found ourselves back on Volley ball beach sipping blender drinks, talking with other cruisers, while the kids swung, (again) unsupervised, from the trees. Georgetown is a highly organized place, kinda like summer camp with booze, many cruisers make it the focal point of their winter itinerarys. The 8am cruisers net on the vhf radio is awash with the activities of the day: Iron Yoga at 8:30, Bridge at 1300, Volleyball (it is volleyball beach of course) from 2:30 onward, Beach church, Trivial pursuit, Texas hold’m, Potluck from 4pm onward at sanddollar beach, an outboard for sale, someone looking for a part for a wind generator, propane truck 11am Saturday, fundraiser for a local business on satuday afternoon, etc ,etc. you need a daytimer just to keep up!!!!! We don’t have one. Several of the kid boats we met in the US (Salt and Light, Solange, San It I, Sucia, Meander) are a week or 2 behind us and it is tempting to wait for them, but if we stay here too long then we won’t have the time to spend at other places further south. It is a tough decision We are watching the weather and hope to move south east to Rum Cay, and the Turks and Caicos soon.

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  1. Hey Janine are there any picyures of Gary on this trip? Or did you leave him in some bay along the way? LOL Sounds like things are going well for you guys! Sorry I haven't made any comments recently, but it's a little hard and very tiring to type one handed. Happy sailing! Cyndi