Saturday, 8 December 2007

Cape Canaveral and Disney World

Disney Land and the Space center With the stove installed it was time to go to the Kennedy Space center. An all day affair, we saw; the Saturn V complex, Went for a ride in the “Shuttle simulator”, and saw the shuttle sitting on the launch pad awaiting next week’s launch. The tourbuses ran every 15 minites around the base and each showed a short movie about the space programme. Everyone was impressed. After a day of rest it was off to the Happiest Place On Earth. Disney World was a splendor of commercial delight. Home of the $6.00 hot dog, we raced around and around riding the rides and taking in the sights. Dancing with the Stars was filming their season opener so the place was busy. Space Mountian was a particular thrill, Gary remembers riding it with his mother 32 years ago in 1975! It was very difficult to convince the boy’s that Grandma had ridden a roller coaster. The Marina in Titusville has a few Manatee swiming around. They are large slow moving creatures, who don't seem to mind us humans at all.

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